So who am I..?

Joo-Lee Stock
Joo-Lee StockThe Dance Doctor

…And why do I think I could help you to learn to dance?

I am Joo-Lee Stock, the Dance Doctor. I am a qualified teacher and prior to starting my own business, I was a performing arts director in a secondary school. I now spend almost every day dancing and teaching adults with different or no dance experience to social dance. I am also a qualified coach and understand the problems that stop so many people from enjoying the experience of learning to dance.

It’s my passion for many years to share my skills so that as many people as possible could experience the fun of learning to dance. So, in 2007, I introduced swing dance classes to the northeast of England through my community dance company, Lindy Jazz. It started as a single class in Durham soon became a whole series of events including DJam, an annual dance festival attended by over 350 dancers from all over the world. My work also includes community dance exercise classes for the NHS through their ‘Arts into Wellbeing’ project as well as teaching actors with no dance experience to dance in only a few hours for TV dramas such as Joe Maddison’s War starring Robson Green & Kevin Whateley and also United starring David Tennant.

All this has given me a huge of amount of experience in transforming people’s experience of learning to dance. So, if you’re thinking you may have ‘Two Left Feet’ or finding it hard to learn when you’ve been to a dance class or if you are getting nervous about your impending Wedding First Dance and wondering how you are going to get through it without stepping on each other’s toes and if you think you can’t dance then I promise I can help to get you dancing.

Can’t dance, want to dance?

If you can already dance really well, this course is definitely not for you. You will find it too easy & not challenging enough.

However, if you:

  • Are completely, absolutely new to dancing
  • Are able to put aside a few minutes each day to practise some very simple exercises
  • Follow my instructions step by step…

…Then I’m confident that you will discover that you can learn to dance!


Will learning to dance be terrifying?

I created the Dance Doctor programmes because I want to help you to learn to dance without feeling self-conscious. If you are not a natural performer, the thought of your guests watching as you take your very first steps on the dance floor can be a terrifying prospect.

I can give you the tools to help you to prepare a simple, tasteful and elegant wedding dance. We will start with the basics and I will ensure that each step is clearly explained without technical or specialist jargon. And the good news is, you do not need any previous dance experience at all. If you can walk, I can help you to dance!

Is it too late to learn to dance?

It depends on what you think. So many people think that dancing is about having to put on a spectacular performance and that you will be ‘on show’. Your Wedding First Dance is about being able to dance well with your partner to music that you both enjoy. You are dancing with each other and for each other, rather than just focussing on your audience.

Another common belief is that you would need to have been to dance lessons for many years as a child in order to be able to social dance as an adult. Many people also believe that dancing is for children and the aims for dancing are competitions, stage shows and gaining medals.

When you join the Dance Doctor programmes, you will see how so many people around the world are discovering dance as a hobby for the first time as adults and you will also get some ideas to get started.



So, what’s the next step?

If you want to learn to dance to dance for your wedding day, then get in touch.

A successful wedding dance is when you can see how much the couple have enjoyed the dance – not how they have danced in the eyes of others or how “correctly” they have danced.

I have already helped hundreds of people just like you to learn to dance. And I can’t wait to help you enjoy dancing so that your wedding dance goes as well as you’d like to!

So Get In Touch & Let’s Take the Next Step!

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