Flattening your fear – Why it’s okay to have two left feet!

  How do you feel about trying something new? Like dancing? Every week new people come along to Lindy Jazz and for many it will be their first experience of trying a dance class. It’s often assumed that you need to be a naturally good dancer, have a special talent or previous dance experience to

The ‘Dance Clinic’

When I was training to be a musician at Birmingham Conservatoire each student was given one-to-one lessons with a specific tutor. Josef Weingarten was well known for being a strict yet transformational teacher and although he was not the tutor assigned to me, his name is one I remember in particular… I was curious about

A Balanced Diet

“I feel that my aim is to become a good swing dancer and to get there I think the only way is to have your technique fine-tuned” Jonny Howe has been dancing for around 15-years, attends swing dance classes and workshops regularly and has been taking fantastic photos of Lindy Jazz events and its dancers

“You don’t have to hide in the car texting” – Sarah & John Aitchison

Sarah and John run Shieldhall, a guesthouse near Wallington Hall. Set on 10 acres of beautiful Northumberland countryside, they live there with their 2 daughters, 12 chickens, 2 dogs and a cat. Sarah and John came to the Dance Doctor with 4 left feet (2 each) and were kind enough to share their experience of

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Last month we held our third ‘Brush Up’ workshop in a mirrored fitness studio at Healthlands Gym – it was time to take a good look at ourselves and reflect upon our dancing! Fourteen dancers signed up to smooth out their dance technique and polish their moves with the hope of achieving a shinier finish…

Progressing with Lindy Levels

From October 2014 we’re introducing dance levels at Lindy Jazz Club, mainly in Lindy Hop. The reason behind this is so that people can feel clearer about where they are with their own dancing and where they would like to progress to. All sorts of things affect our progress when we learn anything, especially with

Studio Hop – by Gillian Scott

  Gillian, our Balboa teacher at Lindy Jazz spent an amazing week in France at Studio Hop Summer Camp Balboa week in August. See what she got up to . . . . What's that? A whole week of Balboa workshops and parties that's what! A chance to learn from top teachers such as Sylvia

“Getting Back to Nature”

“Getting Back to Nature” Each year we take a week out of our normal working routine to attend ‘Swing Summit Teachers Training Week’ in the Ardéche, France. For 7 whole days we’re surrounded by dancers from, Germany, Austria, Prague, Moscow, Portugal, Switzerland and of course, France. This year there were 5 teachers from the UK,

A little more than just a dancing partner

We don't usually play cupid in our classes but Scott Cupit and Joo-Lee Stock knew they had to do something when they saw Toby and Vicci at a Lindy Jazz workshop one Saturday afternoon. See what Vicci has to say. . . . Swing dancing is such a sociable hobby; you get to interact with

Mr. & Mrs. Cheason

Mr. & Mrs. C Part One - Stephen “Some forms of dance don’t have the kind of adrenaline you get with Swing, even with the subtlety of something like Balboa” Like any good North East man Stephen (AKA Mr C./Swing Commander) says that he loves his football. His main hobby, however, is dancing. He says

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