Dance at EAT

Lindy Jazz has been invited by the organisers of Newcastle/Gateshead EAT Festival to be part of their “Tea & Cake Planet” event on 28th-29th June. Obviously we said yes because what could be more up our street than an opportunity to drink tea & eat cake and of course, dance! Come along on Saturday or

Blues Fever

  Whether you’re still thriving on the buzz from Blues Fever at the beginning of June or wishing you’d been a part of it, we’ve got great news! It’s only 23 sleeps until Blues Fever sweeps through Durham and we’re immersed in blissful blues once again! Vicci & Adamo will be arriving on July 4th

Swing Sisters

  Meet Gillian... “The thing I like about it is that it’s all ages. Everybody is just a dancer and I like that. It adds to the variety and the richness” Gillian is a full-time Lindy Jazz volunteer/teacher/DJ/ who enjoys dancing in a performance group-‘All That Jazz’; making cards; baking and decorating cakes AND in

Small steps, BIG dreams – How DJam began

For some time it was our dream to create a warm, intimate swing dance event at the heart of the historic city of Durham. Seven years ago we followed that dream and started with a small group of forty dancers from our local classes. We met one weekend because we wanted to learn more technique,

Trix on Swing Variation

Rachel found the video and sent it to me a few weeks ago, and I keep coming back to watch it for several reasons. It's not just that the dancing's amazing (...which, of course, it is...), but mainly that they both seem to be having such fun :) Michael messes up in the first few

Why Brush Up?

I believe there are 2 ways to learn to dance: We can fill our brains with information in the hope that the more we have, the better our dancing will become. Or We can focus on the little things that make a big difference, using our time effectively and seeing more rewarding results. My personal

Nick’s Lindy-versary!

Nick is the first to feature on our monthly Lindy-versary blog. It’s here to celebrate the great people we have at Lindy Jazz and it’s great to find out more about fellow members. “I like the people. I like the atmosphere. I think it’s quite social, comfortable and supportive.” Nick is a Lecturer in Physical

Is it difficult to learn to dance?

Recently a number of new people joined our class. Watching one couple learn was particularly interesting because their experiences of the same class seemed to differ greatly. One of them was smiling throughout whereas the other appeared frustrated with footwork and getting it right. When I asked them how they had found the class their responses

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Two Left Feet

If I had £1 for everyone that told me they had two left feet, I’d have more money than I’d know what do with! It’s a common misconception that people think they can’t dance, it’s maybe because they find it hard to move or they have no rhythm; but I’ve found a few smart solutions

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The Zen of Parking

What has parking got to do with dancing?! If you can imagine rushing to a busy shopping centre on a weekend, knowing in your mind before you leave you’re not going to find a space when you're in a hurry and you've decided in advance that there are no spaces as you would inevitably only

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