How To Choose Your Wedding Dance Song

When you hear your perfect song, you can’t help but smile because it’s just so you. But how do you choose your wedding First Dance song if you both have very different music tastes? Tip #1 - Choose your first dance song together! If you choose a song that you both like, or at least

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Is Fear Stopping You From Having Your Dream Wedding Dance?

It is natural to be afraid of taking your very step onto the dance floor, in front of ‘everyone’ on your Big Day . . . . Most of the wedding couples who come to me for their Wedding Dance lessons tell me how terrified they are of doing something that is so much out

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Is Dancing Embarrassing?

So one night, there I was in a cocktail bar (yes, I was socialising in a cocktail bar on a school night!) and I met a tall, handsome stranger (okay you’ve got me again .. but a girl can dream, right?) Well anyway back to the story …. As we chatted he started telling me

Wow Your Friends & Family – by being YOU!

How do you wow your friends and family with your wedding dance? I have seen so many types of wedding dance from the awkward shuffle to the full-on choreographed show. Yet, your friends and family just want to see you relax and enjoy yourself on your big day. They don't want you to have to do

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Should I Stay or Should I Go? 4 simple steps to finding your ideal dance class

How do you feel when you decide to do something new, like learning to dance? Do you feel excited; maybe nervous? Hopefully, not panicky! Do you find that as soon as you get to a new class, you have these thoughts going through your mind: -       Do I like it? -       What’s going on? -       I

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Last month we held our third ‘Brush Up’ workshop in a mirrored fitness studio at Healthlands Gym – it was time to take a good look at ourselves and reflect upon our dancing! Fourteen dancers signed up to smooth out their dance technique and polish their moves with the hope of achieving a shinier finish…

Progressing with Lindy Levels

From October 2014 we’re introducing dance levels at Lindy Jazz Club, mainly in Lindy Hop. The reason behind this is so that people can feel clearer about where they are with their own dancing and where they would like to progress to. All sorts of things affect our progress when we learn anything, especially with

Why Brush Up?

I believe there are 2 ways to learn to dance: We can fill our brains with information in the hope that the more we have, the better our dancing will become. Or We can focus on the little things that make a big difference, using our time effectively and seeing more rewarding results. My personal

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DJam Announcement

I’m so excited for DJam, I just thought I’d share some news. I’m happy to announce that our yearly international swing dance festival will be at a fabulous 4 star venue in 2014. On the banks of the river in Durham, the Radisson Blu hotel is the prefect venue to dance, learn and relax. No

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