How to Get Your Fiancé to Dance

How many proposals were there this Valentine’s Day? And how many lucky ladies will be dreaming about their wedding dance while their partners either dread this tradition or simply refuse to talk about it? Most brides-to-be would love to have a romantic fairytale waltz with their brand-new husband on their special day, but unfortunately for

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Should I Stay or Should I Go? 4 simple steps to finding your ideal dance class

How do you feel when you decide to do something new, like learning to dance? Do you feel excited; maybe nervous? Hopefully, not panicky! Do you find that as soon as you get to a new class, you have these thoughts going through your mind: -       Do I like it? -       What’s going on? -       I

The Art Of Dance: It’s incredible how things can change

Ailsa Victoria Miller, a talented artist and Lindy Jazz dancer, captures the vivid colours of nature beautifully in her work. I've been incredibly moved by her dance story and am really excited to share her guest blog with you. I feel so lucky to have turned my life around and have more reasons than most

Push & Shove: How Lindy Hop video clips can be a blessing and a curse

[youtube_sc url="" title="Fast%20Lindy%20Hop"] When watching amazingly fast and energetic Lindy Hop clips on Youtube, it’s easy to assume a number of things. For example, it can look as if the dancers with their ultra fast swingouts are forcibly whirling their partners round then pushing them out, using a lot of arm tension and strength to

A Lindy Life

"If I didn't know you I would have bought a caravan" Like many swing dancers, I spend a lot of my time, energy and money on dancing weekends. I am always looking out for the next opportunity to dance. Recently a dance friend and I were on a long journey to the Hen Do of,

Measuring happiness

Have you ever tried to measure happiness? Is this even possible? In 2010, I was given the opportunity to take part in an NHS project called, ‘Arts into Wellbeing’, which required me to do exactly that! This fantastic new project enabled target groups to participate in a variety of arts activities, such as dance, music,

Flattening your fear – Why it’s okay to have two left feet!

  How do you feel about trying something new? Like dancing? Every week new people come along to Lindy Jazz and for many it will be their first experience of trying a dance class. It’s often assumed that you need to be a naturally good dancer, have a special talent or previous dance experience to

The ‘Dance Clinic’

When I was training to be a musician at Birmingham Conservatoire each student was given one-to-one lessons with a specific tutor. Josef Weingarten was well known for being a strict yet transformational teacher and although he was not the tutor assigned to me, his name is one I remember in particular… I was curious about

A Balanced Diet

“I feel that my aim is to become a good swing dancer and to get there I think the only way is to have your technique fine-tuned” Jonny Howe has been dancing for around 15-years, attends swing dance classes and workshops regularly and has been taking fantastic photos of Lindy Jazz events and its dancers

“You don’t have to hide in the car texting” – Sarah & John Aitchison

Sarah and John run Shieldhall, a guesthouse near Wallington Hall. Set on 10 acres of beautiful Northumberland countryside, they live there with their 2 daughters, 12 chickens, 2 dogs and a cat. Sarah and John came to the Dance Doctor with 4 left feet (2 each) and were kind enough to share their experience of

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