It is natural to be afraid of taking your very step onto the dance floor, in front of ‘everyone’ on your Big Day . . . .

Most of the wedding couples who come to me for their Wedding Dance lessons tell me how terrified they are of doing something that is so much out of their comfort zone on the most important day of their lives.

Some couples are so scared at the thought of dancing that they put off doing something about it and ended up just swaying awkwardly when it was time for that dreaded moment.

Your fears are very natural.

For anyone who is not used to ‘performing’ in front of an audience, the thought of having to do something that is totally unfamiliar can make you feel quite exposed and very uncomfortable.

One way of taking away the pressure is to become more familiar with what you need to do. Here is the advice I give to nervous brides and grooms:

1. Choose a song that is familiar to both of you
2. Practise your Wedding Dance in the comfort of your own home
3. If possible, go through your Wedding Dance in your wedding venue
4. Be prepared, be very prepared

If you choose a song that has a special meaning for both of you, it makes dancing so much easier. You can then focus on each other and feeling the music rather than being preoccupied with the routine. A song that is familiar to you will also help you to feel more relaxed when you dance.

Another thing that can help you feel more comfortable is privacy. Going to a class full of advance dancers if you are a complete beginner will only make you feel nervous and will not help you towards learning your Wedding Dance. Get comfortable and build confidence by trying out a few steps in the comfort of your own home with an online programme. This way, you can learn at your own pace without having to keep up with a class.

When I teach one-to-one Wedding Dance lessons I often do that in a hotel ballroom, church hall or fitness centre. Where possible, I’d advise wedding couples to go through their Wedding Dance in their actual wedding venue. By having a practice in the actual spot where you will be doing your Wedding Dance will help you to visualize your special moment ahead of your Big Day. This way, when you step out onto the dance floor in front of your friends and family you would have ‘done it before’ so your Wedding Dance will feel more familiar and comfortable.

There is no need to accept that you have to just stand there nervously swaying for a whole song or dread the moment of your Wedding Dance.

Take the first and most important step to reduce the pressure you feel by making sure you feel as familiar with as many aspects of your preparation as possible. The more prepared you are the more familiar everything will be and the more confident you will feel.