How do you wow your friends and family with your wedding dance? I have seen so many types of wedding dance from the awkward shuffle to the full-on choreographed show. Yet, your friends and family just want to see you relax and enjoy yourself on your big day. They don’t want you to have to do anything awkward.

So, my recommendation for anyone that’s new to dancing is to be yourself and to keep things simple. Here are a few top tips about MUSIC to get you started on your Wedding Dance Plan:
1. Choose a song that you like and one that you know
2. Choose a slow song or least not terrifically fast, especially if your shoes are not designed for athletic activity!
3. When you’re on your own at home and no one is looking, move around to one of your favourite songs to see if you like it
4. Check to see what your song lyrics are about. It may have a lovely melody but are the words suitable? Some might be about breaking up or losing someone! Do check!

Have a go at a moving to your favourite song at home; it’s fine, no one else is watching. Next week, I will send you a few more ideas to help you prepare for your wedding dance.

If you’d like my help to get your started, then post your questions on the Dance Doctor Facebook page or book a free Wedding Dance Consultation with me.